New Residence, LEED Silver Certified,Net Zero Electric Energy - Modern design for timeless sustainability


The Holmes-Rulli residence is a 2,500sf new home built in Toms River, NJ. The project embodies the core principles of the triple bottom line of sustainability -People, Planet, Prosperity.

  • People - The home was designed based on their particular needs and how the family lives and moves through the house at different times of day. Particular attention was paid to daylighting, natural ventilation, healthy interior finishes and building envelope efficiency to ensure a comfortable and healthy environment.
  • Planet - The superior energy efficient design requires just 900 square feet of solar photovoltaic panels to offset all electric energy usage. Rainwater is harvested from the roof to irrigate the gardens. High efficiency plumbing fixtures and appliances use a fraction of the water of a regular home. Materials such as cork & bamboo flooring from rapidly renewable materials, tile and counters with high recycled content, low VOC paint and wood harvested from the trees onsite contribute to conserving our natural resources.
  • Prosperity -  Budget was a concern, as it always is typically. Built for just $200/sf this custom, this highly sustainable home that gets a check back every year from electric company for its solar production, proves it doesn't have to cost more to build green.